Special Strategy For Charmme?

By - July 26, 2017 - 05:31 PM IST

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The wave was flowing in one direction when the Excise Department and Special Investigation Team (SIT) began tightening their grip on Tollywood regarding the drugs scandal. However, one lady didn’t want to take it lying low and created her own share of commotion.

She is none other than the charming beauty Charmme and today she was present at the SIT office. She has already filed a petition at the High Court and it is heard that she came in with a gang of bouncers and a lawyer. Anyhow, the SIT officials seem unperturbed with the scene.

Meanwhile, there are also reports that SIT is formulating a special strategy wherein they want to interrogate Charmme for two days. Grapevine is strong that they were irked with Charmme approaching the High Court and doing other hungama. Only time will reveal how much of this is true.

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