Krishna Vamsi's Idea Is Not Publicity Stunt

By - August 04, 2017 - 10:46 AM IST

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Sometimes you come across interesting information from the cine folks and as much as you want to believe it they might turn out to be some publicity stunts. The same is happening now with creative genius Krishna Vamsi’s statement.
Well, the talented filmmaker reportedly said he had wanted the deadly Sanjay Dutt in his movie Nakshatram and due to various reasons, Supreme Hero Sai Dharam entered into that role. Those who heard this statement are saying Krishna Vamsi is doing a publicity stunt.
But here is the truth, it is not at all a publicity stunt and fact of the matter is, around that time Sanjay Dutt came out when the story was being written and Krishna Vamsi was fixed on having Sanju Baba. Anyhow, a perfect replacement has been found in the form of Sai Dharam.