Another Borrowing From Chiranjeevi

By - August 04, 2017 - 06:37 PM IST

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Among the many powerful families of Tollywood the mega family is the mightiest. In today’s time, it has got half a dozen heroes and leading from the front is megastar Chiranjeevi who has been the emperor of Tollywood since decades.
Given that, it is obvious the kids in his family would take him as the reference point. One lad who has been doing it consistently is Supreme Hero Sai Dharam Tej. Right from the title before his name to the titles of his movies, he has been borrowing stuff from Chiru.
Now, it is heard that Sai Dharam has borrowed once again. This time it is the title. Reports say his new project has been titled as Kothalarayudu and this was the name of a super hit film featuring Chiru and released way back in 1979. The new one is being helmed by Maruthi so here’s wishing Sai Dharam the same success that Chiru got.