SIT Story Ends!

By - August 06, 2017 - 11:43 AM IST

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You would have noticed a major drama unfolding in the last three to four weeks where the Excise Department listed out the names of few noted Tollywood celebrities. This was part of their ongoing investigations related to few drug peddlers.
When things began to heat up many were certain few arrests would be made and that would have been a dramatic event in history. However, just like any other high profile case that either gets silenced or diluted this has also fizzled out. the involvement of Telangana CM KCR turned the tides.
The latest reports reveal the investigation by the Special Investigation Team (SIT) has come to an end and it is also heard that there is going to be no second list. Given that, the entire SIT story seems to have come to an end with a happy ending card for Tollywood.

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