Secrets To Be Known Behind Oscar Awards

By - August 06, 2017 - 11:39 AM IST

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You will consider your life’s true purpose is achieved when you win a prestigious award. This is the case with most of the film fraternity folks. In this segment, the Oscars are the most prestigious and it is the ultimate destination for any film related person.
While that is the truth there are also those who exploit the lack of knowledge and use Oscars for their needs. Point is, whenever someone says that their script got selected for Oscars Library or their film got a place in the nominees list be very clear that they are lying.
We have our scripts in Oscar library but the condition is, the film should have released in Los Angeles and we need to fill a form that’s all. This is the real thing about the process. Having our script in their library is very easy but apart from that there is no truth in a Telugu movie being nominated for the Oscars.  

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