Rs 1000000 Betting On Bigg Boss In Mandapeta?!

By - August 07, 2017 - 05:35 PM IST

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You can call it a tradition or culture but when you visit the interior parts of the state of Andhra Pradesh especially the green zones you will come across gamblers who need an excuse to put stakes. For a long time, such bettings used to happen on conventional stuff.
But now it is heard that heavy betting is happening on one TV reality show in the Mandapeta area. We are talking about ‘Bigg Boss’ and gamblers are putting stakes on who will stay and who will leave the house every week. And here comes the interesting part.
The betting numbers are going to the range of 10k, 50k and even 1 lakh stakes. That way, the whole jackpot is touching almost 1 crore. What started as fun with betting on cock fights and cricket matches has now turned into some real serious stuff.

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