Samantha's Serious Documentary

By - August 07, 2017 - 11:39 AM IST

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The general trajectory of any mainstream heroine is to do as many films as possible, make money and then call it quits. However, there are also those beauties who prefer to do something substantial and make a difference to the world.
The cute smile queen Samantha has seen the peak of her success and today she is the top league starlet. But now she seems to be keen on doing something more substance driven. It is known that Sam is the brand ambassador for handloom in Telangana state.
As part of that, she is now going to feature in a documentary which would highlight the problems being faced by handloom weavers. This is going to be helmed by Doolam Satyanarayana who is associated with the Telangana government. Way to go Sam!!

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