Watch Uncensored Bigg Boss Scenes

By - August 11, 2017 - 04:10 PM IST

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The most talked about reality show of the season is ‘Bigg Boss’ which is being hosted by Young Tiger Jr NTR and as the home audience you get to watch one hour per each episode. But in case you are not aware the cameras are constantly on and everything keeps getting recorded.
Though they have 24 hours footage they show only one hour per episode. So now, it is heard that Star MAA is looking at coming up with a new series called as ‘Uneyed Bigg Boss’ wherein they would be showing the highlights of the remaining 23 hours footage.
The basic objective behind doing this is to increase the drama quotient and as of now the groundwork is happening. Buzz is that the show organisers are evaluating the whole scenario through different perspectives and once they get a proper strategy they might make an announcement. Get set for this one folks! 

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