Hot Compliments To LIE Actress

By - August 12, 2017 - 06:05 PM IST

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Whenever you are watching new releases you do come across those artists who grab your attention instantly. And if the artist happens to be an actress the attention is more because movies are all about glamour quotient and beauties.

The latest release in Tollywood is Lie featuring the youth star Nithiin. While he did his job as required the focus is more on the leading lady. She is the new face Megha Akash. This girl has caught the attention of the masses and youth alike.

While she has proved her mettle with her performance she got lot of whistles and admiration for her looks. Though she is on the voluptuous side and sported shorts she was still grabbing attention and oozing the oomph in right proportion. If Megha chooses her scripts wisely she has a promising future in Tollywood for sure.


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