Rana's #NRNM Public Talk

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Though many movies keep hitting the screens there are those very few who create a lasting impact and are remembered even after many years. One such movie is M Dharmaraju M.A. featuring Collection King Mohan Babu. This was a cult movie during that time.
Now, the latest release Nene Raju Nene Mantri featuring the towering hunk Daggubati Rana reminded the audience of that movie. Of course there is no copying from that movie but there was the Deja Vu feeling for the viewers.
For instance, in M Dharmaraju M.A. the senior actor Satyanarayana is made a fool by Mohan Babu and he gains power. In this Rana does something similar with Pradeep Rawat. In the old movie, Mohan Babu kills his own wife and in this movie the wife kills herself. It appears this has been done just to make sure hero’s character is positive. That apart, Rana’s film is getting good response so that’s what matters. 

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