Raghu Kunche's Touching Video Going Viral

By - August 16, 2017 - 11:16 AM IST

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As an artist or a technician your prime job is to offer entertainment to the crowds but there are also times when your work reflects something meaningful to the society. Trying to make a difference is something few celebrities indulge in and one among them is Raghu Kunche.

This multi-talented individual has now come up with a video which is going viral. It is titled as Oh Yuvatha- Save Young India and the essence of this video revolves around protecting the youngsters from the drug menace as they are the future of this great country.

Raghu Kunche has crooned this number and is also part producer of it while Sanjeev Reddy has directed the video. Those who have seen it are saying it is emotionally very touching and the message is conveyed loud and clear. Well, Raghu Kunche has certainly created an impact with this attempt of his.

Lakshmi Bhoopal- the most happening person in the industry who penned the dialogues for NRNM, gave the lyrics for this O Yuvatha. Lakshmi Bhoopal & Raghu Kunche produced this song collectively.

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