Heroine's Overaction With Bahubali Legend

By - August 16, 2017 - 11:10 AM IST

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Though Tollywood is second to Bollywood and there have been times when the number of movies produced in Telugu were much higher than Hindi, there has been a hidden curtain between the two circuits. This is in terms of the approach Bollywood folks have towards Tollywood.

This is more from the perspective of Bollywood heroines. They tend to look at south Indians in a small way and quote a crazy figure as remuneration just to keep the project away. Now, one heroine seems to be doing overaction when it comes to signing a Telugu project.

She is the doe eyed beauty shraddha Kapoor and it is heard that she has demanded a whopping 8 crores as her fee to pair with young rebel star Prabhas for the movie Saaho. At a time when Prabhas is a national sensation due to Bahubali getting a chance to pair with him is a big thing and many feel Shraddha’s demand is nothing but overaction.

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