Pawan Kalyan's Political Fate: A Big Question Mark

By - August 18, 2017 - 11:07 AM IST

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The trend of film stars becoming politicians has been on since many decades in this nation and a closer look has often revealed that very few actually emerged as true leaders among the stars while the rest enjoyed the power for five years and fizzled out. Politics and films share a nexus but at the end of the day they are two different fields and it takes special skills to be good at both.
Despite all these realities the number of cine folks entering politics is increasing. A special focus is on power star Pawan Kalyan who has now become the founder of Jana Sena party. While vibes are emerging strong that Pawan is going to quit films very soon and take a full plunge into politics, the rationalists don’t seem to be impressed with his whole approach and strategy towards a political stint.
The common criticism Pawan has to deal with is, he is starting some or the other issue with great momentum but not closing it in the proper manner. Whenever Pawan is seen people are whistling and clapping but if this is how he functions he will face the same fate like his brother Chiranjeevi. When the megastar announced his political entry, he also got the same reception. You can always recall the instance where actor Rajasekhar said one wrong statement and he faced a lot of heat from mega fans.
That is the kind of wild following Chiru had and yet he got only 18 seats in elections. Coming to Pawan Kalyan, politically he is being considered close by Chandrababu Naidu and though it is being touted he can bring the split, the analysts say nothing of that sort would happen. The equation is clear in Andhra Pradesh, it is either Naidu or Jagan and the Pawan mania will nowhere converge into votes once the 2019 elections happen.
The other strong opinion is, if Pawan gets hasty and stands he will be decimated and end up like Chiru. Only if some miracle happens just like how it happened with the great N T Rama Rao during 1983 then okay but it cannot happen now given the current scenario. At least if he does something completely it would make sense. For sometime he said farmers and became silent, later he said special status and again went silent. Now, for appointments into Jana Sena he said interviews would be done but there is no follow up mechanism.
Overall, there is only takeoff in Pawan’s case for now but no proper landing and it is a grave danger in politics. If he can take up an issue and fight for it strongly and stand for elections then he may get a fair share but without doing something and standing is losing his grace and aura unnecessarily. We can only hope that Pawan is cognizant of these gaps and works on it properly.

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