Balakrishna's unknown angle!

By - August 19, 2017 - 11:22 AM IST

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The most talked topic about Nandamuri Balakrishna currently is, him hitting a fan at an event. The video of Balakrishna slapping his fan who allegedly tried to mob him amidst the huge crowd is floating on the internet.

When this video is making rounds and causing a damage to Balakrishna's fame, the close sources are worried about why only the negativity is being highlighted. The same sources remind us of the incidents when Balakrishna's humble nature and fair treatment wins the hearts of his fans.

One of Balakrishna's fans invited him to grace a wedding event. Being busy with Nandyala Election Campaign Political Promotions on that day, Balayya enquired if there was any other event that he could make it to. The fan told that he would organize a private pooja event at his residence.

Balakrishna not only arranged for the couple's darshan at Tirupati Balaji Temple but also was present for the pooja event that took place at the fan's residence. The only thing we get to know here is, only negativity spreads faster than the positivity.

We always expect the stars and celebrities to be fair enough even when they are out of their comfort zone. Just imagine their levels of frustration when hundreds of people mob them and cause so much discomfort. How fair is it to judge based on the negative things only?

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