Samantha Makes Girls And Boys Do This

By - August 19, 2017 - 12:45 PM IST

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Your role as a hero or heroine doesn’t end with offering entertainment onscreen. There are many youngsters who look up to you as role models and get inspired. Hence it is important you come up with activities and deeds that makes a difference to the society.
Thmakee smile queen Samantha is not just a top league heroine but she is also into many charity activities. But this time she came up with something which has been motivating many boys and girls. Well, she came up with a video which shows one of her workouts.
Well, Samantha shows to do a workout using just a regular ball All those who have seen this video are doing this at home and are saying it is something new which must be attempted. That way, Samantha is certainly putting the boys and girls together on their toes for workouts.

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