Srinivas Reddy Learned Big Lesson

By - August 21, 2017 - 12:11 PM IST

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Making mistakes in life is quite a common thing, but learning from other's mistake is something very rare. It is a quality which very a few people have and those who do, grow to great heights. This is much needed in the cinema industry, where the careers can spiral downwards overnight.
Actor Srinivas Reddy is one man who seems to be proceeding with the right sensibilities. Those who are close to him reveal he learned his lessons looking at actor Sunil. In Sunil’s case only Maryada Ramanna and Andaala Ramudu worked for him.
These films had no straight heroism and the story was as per his personality and image hence it worked. All others after this were routine heroic flicks and they bombed miserably. Srinivas Reddy is taking that as cue and ensuring he is careful wit his choice of scripts and not going in Sunil’s direction.

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