Mahesh Babu Follows Super Star!

By - August 23, 2017 - 12:15 PM IST

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You would have seen quite a number of star kids in your tenure as audience and when they do something which reminds of their father or mother, it does give a good feeling of nostalgia. Now, superstar Mahesh Babu might just be doing something similar.
Apparently, his father Superstar Krishna made Mahesh act during his childhood whenever the latter had a vacation and he used to beam with pride as a father. Now, Mahesh has been causing a buzz in the social media through the videos of his daughter Sitara.
Incidentally, his wife Namrata is a key player in this whole thing but watching the little Sitara is making many cine buffs feel nice. They are also saying Mahesh might repeat the act through his daughter Sitara by making her act in child roles when she is free. This would be nice.

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