Shriya Saran- The ageless beauty!

By - August 28, 2017 - 06:59 PM IST

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The one thing that you can never go against is the law of nature and that also includes aging. Over many decades, you do your best to keep the wrinkles at bay but it eventually takes over. This is a big challenge for the cine folks who need to be glamorous at all times.
While some go for cosmetic procedures, there are those who keep growing young with passing time. One such person is the sizzling beauty, Shriya Saran. She is part of the industry since more than two decades but even today she is scorching hot with striking beauty.
Now, the secret behind her beauty has come out. It is heard that Shriya does Vipassana meditation and listens to Om chanting every morning. Not just that, she eats only homemade Indian food while yoga and gym for the key part of her daily activities. Make note folks!!

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