'Drugsbali' Episode:2 Celebs In The List?

By - September 07, 2017 - 12:44 PM IST

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Recently there was a major commotion across the entire Tollywood circuit and the reason for that was the drugs issue which rattled the cine circuit. Many bigshot celebrities were called for interrogation but eventually everything fizzled out. With this, many thought that the issue was more or less silenced for whatever reasons.
The entire episode was termed as the Bahubali of drugs issue alias Drugsbali. However, it appears that a second round is in the offing with a strong grapevine that a total of three actresses would be issued summons by the Special Investigation Team. One among them happens to be a top range heroine.
According to reports, the new summons have been prepared based on the testimonials given by the previous film celebrities. The interesting and rather shocking part is, the remaining two actresses reportedly hail from cinema families. Only time will reveal how much of this news is actually true.

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