Dil Raju Joins 'Mental Madilo' with D Suresh Babu?

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You can have a very good movie in hand but if you don’t have the right clout to give it a proper release then you are doomed. There are many deserving movies which have bitten the dust due to lack of proper release. In Tollywood, the theatre network is controlled by two biggies.
They are the razor sharp businessman Daggubati Suresh Babu and the man with the golden hand Dil Raju. While each has their own share of movies imagine what happens when both come together. A strong grapevine is making rounds about one film bringing the two together.
It is Mental Madilo featuring Sree Vishnu in the lead. Reports reveal Suresh Babu would be distributing it just like he did Pelli Choopulu. And now there is a talk that even Dil Raju would also be joining this deal. If this happens Mental Madilo would capture almost all the theatres across the two Telugu states.

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