Vijay Deverakonda Swallowed Naga Shourya?

By - September 16, 2017 - 12:47 PM IST

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Once you become a hero and enter the top league things get smoother but when you are in tier 2 or tier 3 things are quite heated. The competition quotient is very high and you need to be very good to edge out the others. Currently, the hot cake in this segment is Vijay Deverakonda.

The pace of which he is growing has resulted in few other heroes fading into oblivion. One such name is that of Naga Shourya. As such, Naga Shourya is a handsome guy and a very promising actor but due to successive flops, his graph began to fall. Reports say his latest movie ‘Kadhalo Rajakumari’ has also ended up as a damp squib.

On the other hand, with Vijay scoring back to back hits Naga Shourya got camouflaged and swallowed. Point is, success is very important in the cinema industry and one has to be really careful before signing movies. In his career, Naga Shourya scored flops like Jadoogadu, Oka Manasu, Nee Jathaleka while his hit movies were Kalyana Vaibhogame and Oohalu Gusagusalade.