Kajal Votes For Love!

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Love, this is one word which drives the whole world crazy and its power is so strong that histories are made. Owing to that, almost all the movies that come always have the love element in them. And now one top league heroine has also expressed her honest opinion about what her first choice would be.

She is none other than the saucy seductress Kajal Aggarwal. Recently this pretty girl was sharing her thoughts when she reportedly revealed that her most favorite thing is sports and she loves to play Tennis and watch cricket. Kajal has also revealed how she went to Wimbledon just to watch the matches live.

However, when asked whether she would like to do a sports based movie or a love story, Kajal reportedly voted for a love story. Those who heard this are saying Kajal has made the right vote because they love to see her in romantic avatar and not in any tough girl role. She is a queen of hearts so this was expected.

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