Samantha's fitness, beauty tips!

By - September 26, 2017 - 02:15 PM IST

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The fundamental requirement for being a heroine is maintenance of the body and ensuring the glowing look on the face remains intact. All the heroines undertake various methods to do so and a common fad is skipping diet and not going for proper food. The experts call it a major blunder.

Meanwhile, the Tollywood folks are saying that one should take tips from the cute smile queen Samantha when it comes to fitness and beauty. For starters, this pretty girl is very disciplined about her fitness and here comes the best part, Sam is reportedly very keen when it comes to her food habits.

Apparently, she doesn’t skip on meals and is completely against dieting. She makes it a point to eat as required but she ensures to fill her food with sufficient proteins and nutrients. Those who heard this are saying Samantha can actually take special sessions and give tips on diet and body maintenance.

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