Mahesh Wins Critics Hearts!

By - September 27, 2017 - 06:26 PM IST

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You know very well that there is a love-hate relationship between the film fraternity and the film reviewers as the industry is never in a receiving mode to the analysis made by the critics. As a result, they find every opportunity to mock or have a scathing attack on the critics every now and then.

However, superstar Mahesh Babu thinks otherwise. Recently he was sharing his thoughts when he reportedly mentioned that he doesn’t want to comment on the commotion regarding the film reviewers but maintained that he goes through every film review of his. He also has a practical approach to it.

Mahesh reportedly feels that if the film is good then the critics will obviously appreciate it and if it is not good they slam it. In Mahesh’s point of view it is all about this logical approach. This approach of his has been well taken by the media and critics alike. They are appreciating and respecting Mahesh for his interpretation.

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