This 'Raavanaa' Also Creating Sensation!

By - September 27, 2017 - 06:31 PM IST

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Most of you would have watched the recent release and your unanimous liking would have gone for the role of Jai whose favorite god and inspiration is the Asura King Raavanaa Brahma. This has actually elevated the film to a new range and it is currently reaping the success wave.

While that is on, there is another Raavanaa who is also creating a sensation in the capital city of Delhi. He is none other than Mukesh Rishi. Every year, a prestigious event known as Ram Leela happens on the eve of Dussehra and in that there is a stage play which depicts Ramayana. People from across the nation come to watch it.

The senior Bollywood and Tollywood star has donned the role of Raavanaa which has gained immense response. The presence of Mukesh has drawn the crowds in huge numbers and those who have seen him in the getup are saying he looks like the real Asura King. Given his acting caliber, Mukesh has delivered a sublime performance onstage, as per witnesses.

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