Shruti's Decision Shocks Men!

By - October 01, 2017 - 10:07 AM IST

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It is natural for most of us to dream of a heroine and consider her as good as your own lover or for that matter, wife. Hence, there is always a curiosity as to what would be the taste of these starlets when they decide to marry a man. The seductive beauty Shruti Haasan’s answer shocked and delighted many men.

It is heard that recently Shruti was sharing her thoughts when she reportedly mentioned that she loves to marry someone who has a beard and has a rough look. While she is particular he needs to be an honest man she also adds that he needs to be naughty and active.

The pretty girl reportedly quipped that life should be filled with spice and when a man enters her life he needs to add more spice to it with these qualities. Now that Shruti has set her expectations and requirements clearly, all those bachelors who are around can make the note and try their luck to win this girl’s heart.