Tamannaah Into Film Production

By - October 02, 2017 - 01:34 PM IST

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The top league heroines are many but if you were to name that one starlet who is a complete package of striking looks, irresistible sex appeal, and high-quality performance quotient, the only name would be that of the milky white beauty Tamannaah. Now, her name is being taken for film production.

Well, Tammu’s name started flashing in the posters of the movie Queen which is the remake of the Bollywood blockbuster featuring the curly haired cutie Kangana. Some doubted whether Tammu is also the producer because artist’s names are not mentioned along with that of makers.

As a result, many asked the film’s director Neelkanta but he said no. Meanwhile, he is making a comeback of sorts through this project and shared his thoughts like this- ‘Hello everybody my films Queen starring Tamannaah in Telugu & Zamzam starring Manjima Mohan in Malayalam remakes of Hindi film Queen have been officially launched. Super excited to work on these two films and happy to make my debut in Malayalam. Looking forward to the shoot of these two films starting this month end.’

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