What's The Meaning Of This Poster?

By - October 02, 2017 - 02:13 PM IST

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We have often stressed upon the importance of a poster prior to a film’s release and how it has to be innovative to catch the attention of the audience. Dynamic star Manchu Vishnu has adopted that strategy perfectly and he is planning his entry into Tamil in the right way. Well, he has unveiled the poster of his bilingual in Tamil.

This has been titled as Kuzhal 388 and this happens to be a verse from the sacred verses known as Thirukkural authored by Thiruvalluvar. Now, there is no Tamil person who doesn’t know or regard this and has high respect for it. These sacred verses talk about the essence of Tamil culture, lifestyle, value system, philosophy and other aspects.

Anyhow, you might be wondering what those lines in Tamil mean but here is a form of translation- ‘A king would be considered God among men by the people if he performs his duties justly and also protects his people (including his subjects).’ Well, this certainly sounds intriguing so let us see how Vishnu is going to surprise us.

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