Bold Scenes From Arjun Reddy Chopped?

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It has been a while since the film ‘Arjun Reddy’ hit the screens but the mania is yet to get down from the youth and masses alike. They got glued to the whole essence of the movie and especially the attitude of hero Vijay Deverakonda in it. However, given its boldness, some are now wondering how it will be telecast on TV.

Reports reveal the Star MAA group has bagged the TV rights and after some inquiry here is an update. In the movie, the hero introduction scene shows that he tries to make a sexual advance towards a married lady and when it doesn’t work out he takes ice cubes and inserts them inside his pants.

This is an extremely bold scene and given the stringent regulations by the censor many are saying it will get chopped when the film is aired on TV. While that may simply be the beginning, there are also lip locks and other cuss words used in the film. It would be interesting to see what will be the trimmed duration because the original run time is 2 hours 42 minutes.

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