Will Arjun Reddy Work In Hindi And Tamil?

By - October 03, 2017 - 12:20 PM IST

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A common practice which you would have been observing in the last few years is taking up the stories of hit movies from one language and dubbing or remaking them in other languages. The fundamental is, it has worked at the box office so it is a proven script. This could be true to some extent but not always.

The recent release Arjun Reddy became a cult blockbuster in Tollywood and within no time the remake rights were grabbed by both Bollywood and Kollywood. However, the cine intellectuals are saying the very thought of a remake is not right. In Telugu, it worked in some cult mania and mood.

The pre-release hype and packaging also worked along with the controversy quotient which got stirred up prior to release. But the intellectuals are not sure how the concept will appeal or excite the audience in other languages. Well, the project has been decided and it is bound to arrive so we will know the outcome then.

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