Most Wanted TV Lady Now

By - October 03, 2017 - 11:34 AM IST

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In case you are not able to find your chances or luck in the silver screen circuit you need not be disappointed. The small screen industry has become so lucrative and influential that if you are able to shine here you end up being treated like a celebrity by the Aam Janta. Akin to this, many ladies have become celebrity queens now.

The latest to join that club is the TV artist Hari Teja. Her first shot to fame was when she did the role of a housemaid in the movie A…Aa’ While she has gained substantial recognition through her TV serials, Hari Teja’s best bet to celebrity status is her recent participation in the reality show Bigg Boss.

Ever since she became part of that show, it is heard that she is getting ribbon cutting chances in plenty. She is also being invited for paid celebrity appearance events. In this process, the Filmnagar sources have revealed that even her call sheet rate has also risen. Many say it is her homely beauty, domestic sensuousness and high-quality performance quotient which is bringing her many fans.

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