Prabhas Makes A Serious Statement

By - October 03, 2017 - 09:16 PM IST

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Most of you will come up with statements like ‘cool, friendly, simple’ and stuff like that when you are asked about young rebel star Prabhas. However, there is also another side in him which rarely comes up. Well, Prabhas is a very private person and he gets irked if someone pushes him constantly on that.

Recently he was sharing his thoughts with the media when he reportedly mentioned that he values his privacy a lot. He recalled the many instances when he is asked about his affair and especially his marriage plans. He made it clear that he should not be asked about his marriage and he himself would let everyone know once it is fixed.

The handsome hero stressed that his privacy needs to be respected. Well, the intent and frustration of Prabhas are understood so it is better than those who keep poking him show some maturity and let him be. On the work front, Prabhas is busy with the preparation for his new movie Saaho.

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