Maruthi To Help Hyderabad Flood Victims?

By - October 07, 2017 - 10:35 AM IST

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There are many advantages if you become a celebrity provided you have the right intent. The most important change you can create is in the society and its surroundings. Any noble act by a celebrity always sets an example and creates the right inspiration for the common people to follow suit.

In lieu of that, some are posing a question to director Maruthi. Recently, Maruthi and his team of Mahanubhavudu took part in Swach Bharat Abhiyaan by sweeping a road at Srinagar Colony. In reaction to that, some are asking “Instead of cleaning trash and posing for photographs, can Maruthi help the Hyderabad flood victims?”

They added “There are many areas which are still water clogged and trash is lying everywhere. If he and his team can go there and do some real cleaning, people will touch his feet and will worship him. Perhaps that would be serving the real objective of Swach Bharat.” Wonder what Maruthi has to say to this.

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