Dil Raju's Counter Strategy For 'Spyder'

By - October 07, 2017 - 09:52 AM IST

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Dil Raju’s Counter Strategy For Spyder after coming in with a huge hype the film Spyder took the litmus test but it is clear that the audience was not appealed by it. The analysts are calling the film a dud at the box office and whenever that happens it is the distributors and buyers who take the maximum hit.

The man with the golden hand Dil Raju is known for his judgment of scripts and even this time he expected Spyder to do big and fetch profits from Nizam area. However, his calculation turned otherwise and he has run into losses. Grapevine is that Dil Raju might be losing close to 13 crores due to this project.

Normally any person would break down in that situation but Dil Raju is an exception. He has now decided to allocate more theatres for his other movie Mahanubhavudu which is doing really well. It is heard that nearly thirty theatres are being added. That way, Dil Raju is looking to minimize the damages. Smart man!

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