Leak About Rajinikanth's Big Film

By - October 12, 2017 - 12:17 PM IST

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You don’t need much thinking when we ask you about Style Samrat Rajnikanth and his next venture. It is 2.0 being helmed by the showman of the south Shankar and Rajini is pairing up with the British beauty Amy Jackson while charming star of Bollywood Akshay Kumar is the antagonist.

While all that is fine here is something you might find hard to believe. There is no doubt that most of you would be under the impression this film is the sequel to Shankar’s earlier venture Robo featuring Rajini. Well, it turns out that this is not a sequel but a brand new story with no connection.

The only link being shown is Rajini would be seen as a scientist and a robot in this. Apart from that, everything else is going to be different. While those who don’t know this would be in for a surprise when they enter the theatres now that you know you can be prepared for something exciting and unexpected. 

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