What An Interesting Title!

By - October 12, 2017 - 11:43 AM IST

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Even before a teaser or a trailer of a film comes, the most important component that generates curiosity and interest element among the audience is the title. Whenever a film has come up with an interesting title it has always been successful in drawing the public attention.

The latest we hear is about the title of one movie which has become a topic of discussion in Tollywood and cine buffs. It is titled as Chi La Sow which happens to be the short form for Chiranjeevi Lakshmi Sowbhagyavathi. This is the traditional prefix given to any bride on her wedding invitation.

While the title itself has scored the brownie points there is more to this project. This marks the debut of noted actor Rahul Ravindran as the director. While he has maintained to continue acting in films it would be interesting to see how he would prove his mettle behind the camera. For now, he has got through the first round with an interesting title.

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