Pawan Kalyan vs House Of Lords

By - October 16, 2017 - 11:13 AM IST

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So far there are only two sides of power star Pawan Kalyan you know about. He is a superstar in Tollywood circuit and is now rising as a political leader with his own party Jana Sena. But there is also another side to him. Pawan has been catching the attention of international entities as a public speaker.

Few months ago, Pawan was seen visiting the US to a prestigious university and discussing with eminent academicians on various things. Now, he is all set to visit the esteemed ‘House Of Lords’ in England. This happens to be the political powerhouse in the United Kingdom and Pawan is going on a mission.

He is going as the guest of honour for ‘Invest In India’ meet which is scheduled to take place on November 17. What many are eager to know is, what exactly is going to be Pawan’s strategy and when the focus is on investing in India, would he be representing his own party or would it be as a film star. This should be interesting.

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