Unique Initiative For '2.0'

By - October 16, 2017 - 11:20 AM IST

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In today’s times we can live without water or food but we just cannot live without social media. Every morning most of us would check what is happening in Facebook rather than anything else. Given that influence, the entertainment industry does its best to make use of Facebook as the platform.

While most of them come up with different pages and boost up the likes and views, one man has done something exceptional. The showman of the south Shankar is currently busy with the shaping up of his movie 2.0 featuring Style Samrat Rajnikanth and the British beauty Amy Jackson. And here is an interesting update.

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The makers have tied up with Facebook and as part of that, the audio launch will be live on Facebook and you would get a complete 360 degrees viewing angle. This is perhaps the first time such a thing is happening and just like the previous times, Shankar has once again proved why he is unique.

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