Huge Business For Super Star's 2.0

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Till recently we were beating our chest with pride as our movie Bahubali created an earthquake at the Indian box office. Since then, many filmmakers have been doing whatever they can to beat the record and now it appears that one film may actually be able to do that.

We are talking about ‘2.0’ featuring Style Samrat Rajinikanth and the British beauty Amy Jackson. Reports reveal the film has overshot the budget of 200 crores and has touched the 400 crores mark. Despite that, the trade analysts have come up with a staggering report.

Already the film is getting crazy offers such as 170 crores for satellite and digital rights, 80 crores for Telugu version. Going by these statistics, the film is expected to do a business of Rs 2500 crores and that is just a primary estimate. If it happens then 2.0 would cross even India’s highest grosser Dangal. Let us hope this happens.

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