Top anchors competition?

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Once you prove yourself in a field and start ruling the roost it only takes another individual to have skills on par with your calibre or something better. This is most often seen in the creative sector like the entertainment industry. Time and again new faces keep coming up to replace the existing celebrities.

In the small screen circuit of Telugu states, the one name which is constantly chanted (especially by the men) is the seductively tempting Anasuya Bharadwaj. She is not only a high calibre anchor but is a perfect blend of homely sex appeal and glamour. Now, one name is being perceived as a competition to her.

She is none other than the hyper active Sreemukhi. In the recent past, if Anasuya is not available all are going only for Sreemukhi and she is not letting them down. However, the common feedback is, ff she can slim down she would rock the industry in a big way. Hope she takes that feedback seriously.

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