Pawan Kalyan Enroute Trivikram

By - October 24, 2017 - 10:03 PM IST

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When you have to approach a star hero for any narration or discuss a project there are certain layers which need to be addressed. We are speaking about their managers or some middlemen who do the initial screening and only after their clearance the main person comes into the picture.

However, the story of power star Pawan Kalyan is something different. It is heard that if a director has to narrate a story to Pawan, it should first get approved by the wizard of words Trivikram Srinivas. Apparently, Pawan has immense regard and respect for Trivikram and both are considered thick friends.

Lately it is being mentioned that whoever is approaching Pawan is being rerouted to Trivikram and only after he gives his hundred percent approval, Pawan is reportedly showing interest. In a way this is a good formula because Trivikram has very good sense of judgment while Pawan can focus on his political activities.