'Pelli Choopulu' Man Is Back!

By - October 24, 2017 - 09:53 PM IST

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Whenever you think of the movie Pelli Choopulu you might remember the hero Vijay Deverakonda or his friend Priyadarsi Pulikonda but there is one man who needs to be given the main credit. He is none other than director Tharun Bhascker and he created an avenue of new wave cinema with Pelli Choopulu.

Now, after a brief gap Tharun is back and it is heard that he has commenced the groundwork of his new movie. This is scheduled to hit the floors on Monday and it is being produced by Daggubati Suresh Babu. Reports reveal this is also a love story but Tharun has given his share of twists and turns in that.

Instead of going for someone established or known, Tharun has once again gone for fresh faces and it is heard that the script has come out really well. This goes without saying because if Daggubati Suresh has endorsed the movie it only goes to show the project would have strong potential at the box office.

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