Anushka's Dual Surprise In Bhagmati

By - October 25, 2017 - 06:11 PM IST

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Whenever you are getting inside the cinema theatre with one frame of mind and you end up getting a surprise onscreen it leaves you with a stronger impact and the film also works at the box office. Few filmmakers work on this strategy well and they use it at the most unexpected time.

Speaking of the awesome beauty Anushka you know that she is perhaps the only woman who has the stamina to generate collections at the box office with her being the protagonist. As part of that, she is now arriving with her new movie ‘Bhagmati’ which has garnered good attention.

Now, there is an inside news that Anushka has planned a surprise for the audience in the movie. Well, this pretty lady is reportedly doing a double role and they have kept the second role in tight wraps. The first copy is expected to be ready by December and the release would happen in January.

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