Trivikram Tries To Enlighten Sunil

By - October 25, 2017 - 05:38 PM IST

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You could be one of the most talented individuals but if you are not aware of where your skills work the best your career is doomed. There are many such individuals in the cinema industry who have bitten the dust like that. One name which would have got included in that list is that of Sunil.

At a time when he was having a golden future as a star comedian, Sunil took a plunge to become a hero and despite many advices he was firm on proving himself as a commercial hero. Things have not worked and now it is heard that his good friend Trivikram Srinivas has shared his piece of mind.

As part of that, sources reveal Trivikram is etching out an excellent humorous character for Sunil in his next project featuring young tiger Junior NTR. This would also mean the comeback of Sunil into his area of expertise which is comedy. Those who are hearing this are saying it is indeed a very good move.

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