Daring Risk By Creative Genius

By - October 27, 2017 - 10:50 AM IST

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Your career graph as a director is often sensitive especially if you are not able to churn out a hit within a short span. Many talented directors had to sit idle for a long time once they scored a flop. Given that, one filmmaker has decided not to lie low and he is taking a daring risk.

He is none other than the creative genius Krishna Vamsi. It is known that he has not been able to generate a hit since a long time and his last movie Nakshatram was a disaster. Despite that sources say Krishna Vamsi has decided to do another project and that too with aggressive star Gopichand.

It is known that even Gopichand is going through a lean phase and to add to it, KV is expected to use his own money to make the project. Those who are aware of the business of cinema and the current conditions say this is an extremely risky thing Krishna Vamsi is doing. From our end, we wish him all success!

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