RGV's Lakshmi Veeragrandham

By - October 27, 2017 - 11:54 AM IST

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You would not have heard the name of Lakshmi so many times as much as you would have heard in the recent times. The credit for that goes to the eccentric genius Ram Gopal Varma for announcing a movie titled Lakshmi’s NTR which has spurred up a fair share of controversy.

Now, another filmmaker has joined the suit and he has announced the movie titled Lakshmi’s Veeragrandham. Well, this movie revolves around Lakshmi Parvathi’s first husband before she divorced him and married the great N T Rama Rao. Here is an interesting correlation to note.

Lakshmi’s first husband’s name is Veeragandham Subbarao so this title seems to have been locked just to rhyme with that name. The man behind this project is Kethireddy Jagadish Reddy and it is heard that he is going to make this story as film. Focus would be more on Subbarao’s story with Lakshmi Parvathi, as per sources.

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