'Rangasthalam'- Malgudi Of Telugu People

By - November 01, 2017 - 02:32 PM IST

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The name Malgudi might make some of you wonder but if you are a thirty plus person you would certainly feel very nostalgic and emotional. Well, many years ago a book by name ‘Malgudi Days’ was written by the iconic R K Laxman and it became a bestseller.

The impact was so strong that eventually it came as a serial in Doordarshan and the entire nation used to wait for every episode each week. As such Malgudi is a fictitious place but it has many lessons and experiences related to life and emotions. Now, one film is being named as the Malgudi for Telugu people.

We are talking about the movie Rangasthalam 1985 featuring mega powerstar Ram Charan. As the title indicates, the film is made entirely in the backdrop of 1985 and Rangasthalam happens to be the name of a fictitious village. Going by this, it is clear that the audience would be transported into a different world.

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