He Becomes Gopichand's Saviour!

By - November 06, 2017 - 08:43 PM IST

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After going through a spate of good success there is always that lean phase in your career as a hero. However, if that phase gets stretched anxiety and low feeling sets in. It is here that many heroes break down and while some bounce back many wither away with time.

The aggressive star Gopichand has been part of Tollywood since long and he has established a market of his own. However, his last set of movies has bitten the dust at box office and now it is heard that he has approached one man to bail him out of this severe crisis.

He is none other than the man with the golden hand Dil Raju. Buzz is that Gopichand has approached Dil Raju and requested his guidance for selection of stories and also to produce. From his end, Dil Raju has reportedly given his word to do his best. This assurance is certainly a great relief for Gopichand.

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