Pawan Kalyan Effect On Ontari Poratam

By - November 14, 2017 - 04:50 PM IST

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All you need to do is take the name of power star Pawan Kalyan and you will immediately start getting noticed. That’s the kind of mania and following this star commands. Given that, you can imagine how the situation would be when Pawan himself is preparing to arrive with a movie.

Currently a lot of focus is on his new movie ‘Agnaathavasi’ and the Pawan effect is showing its results on a movie ‘Ontari Poratam’ which came way back in 1989. Apparently, a strong grapevine is making rounds that ‘Agnathavasi’ is almost a remake of ‘Ontari Poratam’.

On the other hand, director Trivikram Srinivas has set precedence by making A…Aa which is a replica of the black and white movie ‘Meena’.  As a result, many cine buffs are going to Youtube and watching the movie ‘Ontari Poratam’ to know its story. This has led to a huge spike on views for this movie.

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