Deeds Play Bigger Role Than Dialogues

By - November 17, 2017 - 12:21 PM IST

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You might want to consider politics as the next best alternative once you retire from movies because that’s how the trend has been. However, times have changed and public have become more aware of who is getting elected and how much can they deliver. The film charisma works only to an extent.

Given that, the arrival of Universal Star Kamal Haasan into politics is triggering many discussions and debates. As of now, Kamal has started his journey by opposing the ruling BJP government. He has also been coming up with few controversial statements touching the sensitive issue of religion.

While it is still not clear as to what his agenda is, the rationalists are suggesting that if Kamal is truly keen to become a leader and people’s man he needs to get into some action and take few initiatives which benefit the common man. For now, a lot of dialogues are happening so let us see how Kamal makes it up with his deeds.

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